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July 1, 2017
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September 15, 2017
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Summer Pest Control Dos and Don’ts

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The summer is in full swing, and naturally that means you want to spend more time outside. The only issue? While you do so, pests will be doing the exact opposite – trying to get inside your cool, shaded, food-stocked home.

We’re here to help at Greenside. Our pest control services will keep your home protected at all times, particularly while you aren’t there to do so yourself. You can always be a big help here as well – here are a few dos and don’ts for keeping those pesky crawlers far away from your home this summer.


A few things to make sure to emphasize over the summer include:

  • Replace weather-stripping around windows and repair any loose mortar around foundations.
  • Remove any standing water areas.
  • Keep all kitchen counters clean, and store food in well-sealed containers – pests will be gunning for any food or crumbs left open.
  • Divert all rainwater away from the house – repair or replace gutters if they’re working improperly.
  • Remove hiding places for pests, such as crevices or damp areas.
  • Keep basements, attics and crawl spaces well-ventilated and as dry as possible.
  • Throw away overripe fruits or vegetables, plus any spoiled or past-date food.
  • Most importantly, call our Greenside exterminators if you have a pest infestation active in your home.


Now, here are a few things you should avoid doing:

  • Leave dishes or pet food dishes out for long periods of time.
  • Let garbage stack up, especially outside sealed containers.
  • Store firewood and building materials directly up against your home.
  • Ignore cracks or openings around the bottom of the house.
  • Let sprinklers spray directly into the foundation of your home.
  • Let excess moisture accumulate inside the home, particularly in the attic or basement.
  • Leave food crumbs or any debris that will give pests a “free meal.”
  • Most importantly, don’t try to remove a major pest infestation on your own. That’s what our professionals are here for.

For more tips on summer pest control, or to schedule any of our services, speak to the experts at Greenside.


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