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Basics and Prevention for Boxelder Bugs

Utah residents are almost certainly familiar with the boxelder bug, one of the most common crawlers in the entire state – particularly as the weather gets warmer. Salt Lake City has one of the largest populations of boxelder bugs in the entire United States, and you’ve probably noticed them due to their distinctive red-orange color.

Boxelder bugs don’t often require full-on exterminator services, but in cases where they do, we’re here to provide our pest control services at Greenside. For now, here are some basics of the boxelder bug, plus a few prevention methods if their presence is becoming annoying.

Boxelder Bug Basics

Boxelder bugs make their habitat on maple and seed-bearing boxelder trees during warmer months. This is where they lay eggs and feed – mostly on leaves, flowers and seeds nearby, but also sometimes on fruits of plum or apple trees.

During the autumn period we’ll see in a couple months, boxelder bugs become more social and begin congregating on the south side of surfaces when the sun hits them. Boxelder bugs will migrate to buildings or homes in large groups, and then hide in cracks and crevices during winter to protect themselves from the cold. Then, in the spring months, they’ll stat the cycle over again.


There is very little danger typically posed by boxelder bugs, which aren’t known to bite. They may puncture skin from time to time as they attempt to suck or pierce, but this is a situation roughly similar to a mosquito bite at worse. Boxelder bugs can leave a reddish stain if they’re crushed, which can discolor clothing or furniture, so a bit of care is advised if they’re around.


If you’re dealing with a large quantity of boxelder bugs or are having issues keeping them out of the home, know that their ability to enter is all that matters here. Seal all cracks or crevices with quality caulk, and install door sweeps if needed. If these bugs are already infesting your home or business, do not attempt to kill them inside walls – this will attract beetles. In this case, call our pest control experts for extermination.

Want to learn more about boxelder bugs, or any other part of our pest control services? Speak to the pros at Greenside today.


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