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Insect Control and Removal Services in Salt Lake City
December 15, 2016
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Gopher Control and Removal Services in Salt Lake City

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“Rodent” is an umbrella term for thousands of rat-like species. This means they aren’t limited to the rats and mice you chase around with a broom. Gophers are rodents too, but they’re a unique kind of pest whose way of invading makes them a nightmare for avid gardeners and homeowners who want to keep their yard neat.

Gophers, with their puffy cheeks, beady eyes, and plump, fluffy bodies, can be considered cute. They can even be confused with similar-looking animals like moles, groundhogs, and prairie dogs. That’s about the extent of its positive characteristics, however. Gophers dig up unsightly mounds of dirt in your precious garden — bad news for any flowers and vegetable crops you’re trying to grow.

Getting Rid of Gophers

Greenside Pest Control’s gopher removal experts in Salt Lake City are well-versed in gopher behavior and habits. They use their knowledge to track down and get rid of infestations.

Gophers are built for subterranean living: their short necks and large, clawed front paws make them skilled burrowers through most types of earth. Lawns and gardens are a favorite haunt for gophers, where they dig tunnels that cover anywhere from 200 to 2,000 square feet. A tunnel network of that size gives gophers access to their food source (your garden), but also compromises the structural foundations of your house.

Unless you want to turn your yard into a crater just to catch these burrowing critters, you’re better off calling a specialist to tackle your gopher problem.

Trust our 50-plus years of experience in dealing with a variety of rodent infestations to get your gopher troubles sorted out. Our technicians employ tried and tested solutions to remove all traces of gophers in your premises and prevent them from tunneling their way back.

If you see signs of gopher tunnels in your lawn or garden, don’t hesitate to contact our gopher removal services for immediate and professional solutions.


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