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Residential Pest Control and Removal in Salt Lake City
December 15, 2016
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Quarterly Pest Inspection and Management in Salt Lake City

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We briefly touched elsewhere on the website how pest management isn’t a one-time solution, but rather a long-term strategy to protect you from future infestations. That is, scheduled pest inspections are much better than frantic emergency calls for extermination and the removal of bugs and rodents during inopportune times.

This applies to homes and commercial buildings alike, which is why Greenside Pest Control provides Salt Lake City residents with quarterly pest inspections and treatments. Large commercial establishments and homes with a history of pests especially need to be inspected every three months. This ensures that their premises are pest-free all year round.

Get Inspected Every Three Months

We consider quarterly inspections a standard practice in pest management, mainly because many pests go through breeding cycles that exhibit a rough pattern. It means that even when you diligently maintain a clean house or office, there’s always a chance that one or two critters managed to survive the exterminator’s chemical onslaught to give birth to hundreds more of its kind.

For example, a female roach can lay up to 40 eggs at a time. If the breeding cycle is prolific enough, one cockroach and her offspring can produce a staggering 300,000 roaches in merely 12 months. Rats have similarly rapid breeding cycles; their gestation period of 21-23 days yield a litter of around 10-12 babies. That’s a lot of rodent problems.

Pest Management Methods

Greenside Pest Control’s in-depth knowledge of your pests’ behavior, habits, and breeding cycles allow us to implement protective measures to deter further invasions. We employ this in conjunction with our quarterly inspections, making sure that no pest gets a second chance to thrive on your property.

Our quarterly pest inspection and management solutions are an affordable and effective way to combat infestations in your home or workplace. Contact us to schedule yours today.


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