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Anyone who’s ever seen a rat scamper across the countertop or a spider dangle from the bathroom ceiling knows that living with pests is an utter nightmare. Before you dismiss the sight of a single roach or mouse between the condiment jars as a trivial matter, however, think of what that really means.

One or two pest sightings already indicate the existence of a nest nearby. The longer you put off the task of finding and eliminating it, the higher the chance of spreading a disease. In the case of destructive pests like termites and gophers, you risk structural failure.

Over 50 Years of Experience in the Field

Greenside Pest Control is aware of all the dangers of pest infestations. We have over 50 years of experience in pest control, removal, and extermination to back this up. Moreover, we use a science-based pest management approach to properly address and eliminate infestations, while making sure that pests won’t come back.

Our services include the control and removal of insects, bed bugs, rodents, gophers, and termites. We will secure all entryways that bugs and rodents can use to re-enter your property using our cutting-edge BUG-SHIELD sealing technology. We also provide quarterly inspections for homes and commercial establishments to prevent re-infestation and ensure protection from pests all year round.

If it’s a pest problem you’ve got, trust only Greenside Pest Control for professional inspections and treatments in Salt Lake City. It’s never a bad time to call an expert to protect your family and property from health and safety risks brought by pests.

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