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Expert Bed Bug Control in Salt Lake City

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The well-intentioned bedtime parting words, “Don’t let the bed bugs bite!” mean little when your home harbors these blood-sucking pests. And they could be everywhere: the furniture, behind baseboards, mattress seams, and, yes, even the sheets.

Spotting a Bed Bug Infestation

Unfortunately, bed bugs thrive in the same warm and soft environments that humans enjoy. These pests, which are as small as apple seeds, can sneak up on you and your family members unnoticed and feed on your blood. Even when you carefully maintain a clean household, it’s very easy to pick up bed bugs and accidentally bring them home — hotel rooms and visitors’ luggage are particularly notorious for carrying bed bugs.

With that said, it’s important that you recognize a bed bug infestation early. Look out for case skins, black/brown droppings that appear like stains (porous surfaces) or mounds (non-porous surfaces), and unusual bites on your skin.

Bed bugs can live for more than 300 days given enough food, with female bed bugs capable of laying 200 to 500 eggs in its lifetime. That’s a lot of potential bed bug bites to endure if not attended to immediately.

We’ve Got Your Covers (and Other Part of Your Home) Covered

If you find any evidence of a bed bug infestation in your home, call our experts on bed bug extermination in Salt Lake City.

Greenside Pest Control’s expertise helps us identify infestations and recommend the proportionate response to the problem. We aim for the permanent extermination of bed bugs and use low-pesticide agents that are completely safe around humans post-treatment.

We won’t waste your time with temporary solutions that might provide an opportunity for pests to exploit and re-infest areas of your home. Our bed bug control products purge the source of the infestation to prevent any further re-occurrence of the issue.

Save yourself and your family the trouble of irritating, itchy bites from bed bugs by contacting Greenside Pest Control’s bug control services in Salt Lake City today.


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