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Quarterly Pest Inspection and Management in Salt Lake City
December 15, 2016
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December 15, 2016
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Residential Pest Control and Removal in Salt Lake City

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Nothing disrupts a relaxing time at home quite like the discovery of a pest infestation. Mosquitoes, roaches, termites, and rodents are annoyances we can live without, and for good reason. These home invaders bring a host of health risks and, in some cases, structural damage to your home.

Bug zappers, glue traps, repellant lotions, and other common supermarket-variety solutions might not be enough to protect you from these flying and crawling nuisances. As you’re just dealing with visible problems, the source remains unseen and unaddressed in the dark corners of your home.

Fortunately, Greenside Pest Control has the solution for all your pest problems courtesy of our residential pest control services in Salt Lake City.

Why Should You Trust Greenside Pest Control?

We’ve got more than 50 years of experience dealing with all kinds of residential pests. In that time, we’ve learned that pest management is a science. We use a methodical approach to combating them, ensuring that we fully contain and remove the infestation from your property.

Moreover, we know each creepy crawler’s classification and behavior. Our team uses this knowledge to employ the appropriate control methods for maximum effectiveness. We also understand that keeping your home pest-free is not a one-time task, so our techniques also ensure long-term protection from future infestations.

Our technicians are trained and experienced in breaking down your pest problem to recommend the most appropriate solution. We’ll determine what conditions invited the infestation, how to tackle current ones, and how to prevent them from re-occurring. Our innovative BUG-SHIELD solution seals all the little cracks and gaps to thwart any pest’s attempt to sneak back into your home.

You and your family shouldn’t have to live with unwelcome houseguests ruining your lovely home. Call our experts in residential pest control in Salt Lake City today for effective removal of pests and lasting protection against them.


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