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Questions to Ask Before Hiring Landscaping Services

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If you are considering hiring a landscaping company it is important to know what types of services you are looking for. Some companies specialize in lawn maintenance and do not have all the resources to implement a plan from scratch.

Once you figure out what type of services you need, it’s time to find the right company.

Here are some questions to ask companies when interviewing them.

Are you fully insured?

This should be the first question that you ask anyone who will be doing work in or around your home. This is especially true for landscapers because they may be moving heavy trees and plants, and also using machinery on your property.

How long have you been in business?

You don’t want to hire a company that offers you more than it can handle, so make sure the company you hire has the experience, manpower, and skill to the project.

An established company will usually have an office and a website.

Do you have industry specialists?

While crews that can put in plants and sod are great, you may need an arborist when dealing with trees.

A horticulturist can be helpful as well especially when it comes to placing plants and know what works best in a specific region.

Will you stay on my project until complete?

You should never assume that you are a company’s only customer. Get a clear estimate of when your lawn should be completed so you aren’t waiting while work is being done on another home.

Can you provide drawings of the plan?

Ask each company to prepare a sketch of the design, this is the best way you can imagine what they are proposing. In addition ask for photos of other projects they have done.

What’s your guarantee?

Respectable landscapers should be willing to guarantee their work for two years at least, but five is preferred. Ask about separate warranties for plants as well.

What installation process will be used?

This can be split up into categories: how are they going to build your project, and what materials and equipment will they be building with.

Landscaping companies should have some typical building practices and construction specifics for how they build each project.


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