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Learning the Basics of the Termite

One of the most well-known pests that needs to be exterminated in both commercial and residential settings is the termite. Termites are also among the most serious pest infestations if they aren’t controlled – they can ruin an entire home or business.

At Greenside Pest Control, our termite control services use the industry standard technology to locate and eliminate termites from your home or business. What are termites, how can they ruin your home, and why do you need a professional termite exterminator if you have an infestation? Let’s have a look.

Termite Basics

Termites are an insect, with some general similarities to the cockroach. Both are known to be some of the most “successful” insects on the planet, referring to how widely they’ve spread and how easily they can sustain life – they’re located on every continent but Antarctica.

A termite’s diet is pretty straightforward: They feed on dead and decaying organisms and materials. Some of their favorite meals are dead plants and decomposing wood. They thrive and reproduce heavily in moisture-heavy areas in the home, meaning they’re especially common in damper regions.

Potential Damage

Homes featuring lots of wood are at particular risk of a termite infestation. They commonly enter through wood paneling or any wood touching the ground outside the home, and once they’re in, they get to work. The average colony can consume roughly one foot of a two-by-four board of wood in six months, although many species can move even more quickly. Keep in mind that colonies only increase their speed as they move along – as they create more space by eating through wood, they have more room to reproduce.

Infestations left too long without termite removal are a major risk to home structures. They weaken support beams behind walls, often before residents are even aware the termites are present.


For this reason, termites can also have a major effect on home value. Termite infestations often render homes virtually impossible to sell, or can at least dramatically lower the selling price.


Odor is another big problem with termites, but in some cases it can be a benefit as well – it’s often the only way they’re discovered in the first place. It’s created by the smell of the termites’ fecal matter, and while it may help you identify the termites, it can also create both a foul odor and marks on your walls. In severe cases, some people are forced to actually replace walls in their home.

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