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July 3, 2018
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Learning About the Centipede

learning centipede

All many homeowners know about centipedes, a common household invader, is that they have lots of legs. And while this is true, the number of legs is far from the only defining characteristic of the centipede.

At Greenside, our insect control services include eliminating centipedes and other creepy-looking crawlers. Here are some basic facts on centipedes, including a few tips on how to recognize them.

Predators, But Don’t Bite

Centipedes are predators of other insects, meaning they will prey on mollusks, annelids, and even other centipedes in some cases. In tropical areas, centipedes are large enough to even consume small birds and frogs.

They hunt by wrapping themselves around prey, then injecting them with venom before subduing them. For human purposes, know that centipedes almost never bite – and even if they do, the bite is rarely strong enough to penetrate your skin.

Number of Legs

The term “centipede” literally means “one hundred legs,” but unfortunately that’s not completely accurate in this case. Centipedes may vary in their leg numbers – they can have as many as 171 pairs, and as few as 15 pairs. There are always an odd number of pairs, with each pair attached to its own body segment. Their first set of legs carry venom, with which they can paralyze their prey.


Centipedes usually live between two and three years, but can get up to five years old in some case. They grow and molt continuously, and can regenerate legs in many cases.

Built for Speed

Centipedes are designed to be able to move very quickly, and can outrun most other predators and insects. They high number of legs allows them to move very easily and quickly, as well as to navigate obstacles and go over or around things.

For more on the centipede, or to learn about any of our pest control or exterminator services, speak to the pros at Greenside today.


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