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Important Spring Pest Control Tips

It’s springtime, and that means a few things for the discerning homeowner. In particular, spring is a vital time in the pest control world, and we’re here to help you with all your insect control needs at Greenside Pest Control.
Avoiding the need to call our exterminators for a large infestation is something you have a lot of control over. Here are a few important tips for spring pest control maintenance around the home.

Water Concerns

Many pests flourish in water or damp areas, so ensuring your home is dry after the long winter is important. Address any significant leaks or cracks in the outer foundation of the home, and also look to remove standing water – both inside and outside the home. Too much pooled water on the lawn can become a breeding ground for mosquitoes and other contaminants.

In addition, clean your gutters a couple times a year to ensure proper outdoor water flow. Make sure crawl spaces are dry and not receiving any accidental runoff.

Food and Messes

Make sure you don’t have any food sources near the exterior of the home, including bird-feeders if you’re bringing these out for spring – they should be at least 100 feet from the home. Keep pet food indoors and in a secured container, and as you get spring gardening going, consider adding netting around vegetable gardens close to the house. All these areas can be sources of food for pests.

In addition, cleaning up the yard of debris like leaves and branches can go a long way. These attract insects like ticks and several other biting types. Also clean under decks and porches, in basements and behind shutters.


Making sure pests have no easy entry point is a big prevention factor. Focus on any openings that may have been created during the winter season, whether via water damage or other sources. Use compound cement or caulk to fill cracks and holes.


Spraying a layer of protection around the home is also a good idea, and the end of winter is a good time of year. Many bugs that begin flourishing at this time can be kept out by a basic insecticide, including ants and box-elder bugs.

Want more information on spring pest control, or any of our other services? The experts at Greenside are standing by.


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