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Don’t Forget About Termites

When it comes to year-round pests, the termite is one of the first you’ll often think of. The termite can infect the home in any season of the year, including winter.

At Greenside, we’re here to prevent termites and numerous other pests from invading your home no matter which season it is. Here are some basics on how termites survive in the colder seasons, plus warning signs to watch out for.

Termites in Winter

Termites can remain active during winter, mainly by either going deeper underground or deeper inside your temperature-controlled home. They’ll dig deeper tunnels and forage further for food sources, and some may forage closer to nesting areas.

If they can access warmth, food and moisture, your home might be in trouble. Termite egg production will diminish and you won’t see swarming, but this absolutely does not mean termites are not present – they are, and they can still do damage.

Warning Signs

Here are some signs of active termites in your home:

  • Discolored or droopy drywall, possibly including peeling paint that looks like water damage
  • Hollow wood (tapping usually makes this obvious)
  • Crumbled wood or maze-like patterns through wooden items
  • Buckled, loose or squeaky floorboards
  • Windows or doors that are stuck
  • Piles of termite feces (they look like salt and pepper pellets)
  • Discarded wings (they look like dry fish scales)
  • Mud tubes around the home’s foundation

Termites can be extremely dangerous to your home’s foundation, and can eat numerous personal belongings in addition. If your home shows signs of termites, chances are they’ve been there a while and damage may have already occurred. If this is the case, call a termite exterminator from Greenside right way.


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