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Differences Between Residential and Commercial Pest Control

At Greenside, our pest control services are wide-ranging and serve both private homeowners and larger commercial businesses. Many different buildings need an exterminator from time to time – pests don’t discriminate between the types of places they’re infesting, for the most part.

Because the demands of businesses are often very different than those a private residence, though, our commercial pest control services have several separate elements. Let’s look at the differences between it and our residential services, and how this might benefit you as a customer.

Scheduling Demands

There are many household pest issues which require pretty immediate attention, but many commercial situations require even more urgency. A home infestation which affects the entire family is nothing to sneeze at, but a similar issue in a workplace with dozens or hundreds of employees is a whole other story.

For this reason, we take urgency very seriously with commercial pest control concerns. Our team is ready to assist your business at the first sign of trouble.

Scope of Services

In general, residential pest control is a more confined practice. Houses are only so large, and they usually contain most of the same appliances and danger areas for pests.

In a larger commercial building, though, there could be many different elements to deal with. Our technicians are trained specially to adapt to various circumstances they might find, and address them quickly. This is part of what separates us from the competition.

Multiple Sites

Down similar lines, while most pest issues are concentrated in a single area in the home, it’s possible for multiple areas to break out in the same building. It’s also possible that businesses will have multiple locations which frequently experience pest control issues – businesses like grocery stores or restaurants, for instance. Once we’ve been to one site, we have the knowledge to address any issues which may crop up at other sites in the future.

Want to learn more about our commercial pest control services? Speak to the exterminators at Greenside today.


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