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Common Cool Weather Pest Invaders

While some homeowners let down their defenses regarding pest control and prevention in the winter and even during cooler stretches during the rest of the year, we at Greenside are here to tell you this is the wrong move. It’s indeed true that certain home invaders are less of an issue when temperatures drop, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t several others that are alive and well.

What sorts of infestations should you be watching out for during the cold season, and how can you help prevent these before they become an issue?


Rats are rodents that are a particular issue during colder periods. They damage homes by chewing electrical wires, and also by building nests in walls and under appliances, leaving potentially harmful waste behind. They thrive in the little nooks and crannies of the home that we typically don’t see often, and they can make themselves much smaller than their original appearance would suggest.


Spiders can be beneficial for the way they eat other pests around the home, but many homeowners simply do not want these crawlers in their living spaces. Unfortunately, spiders are often a sign that other pests are present – they generally only enter the house in search of prey in the form of those other pests.


Similar to rats, mice can contort their bodies in all sorts of ways to get into homes through very small openings. Mice reproduce extremely quickly once they get inside, and they can be destructive to property through chewing. Their bites, feces and urine are all also health hazards.

Stink Bugs

Stink bugs don’t transmit diseases to humans or cause damage, but they’re still very unsightly and can lead to major odor issues. They will also sometimes leave stains on walls or curtains, and can come in very large numbers.

Keeping Them Out

Some tactics for keeping these pests away:

  • Repair window screens, holes and cracks on the outside of the home
  • Keep shrubbery and branches near the home trimmed back
  • Stack firewood at least 20 feet away from the home and 5 feet above the ground
  • Keep boxes and storage items off the floor and reduce clutter so pests have fewer places to hide

For more on tactics to prevent cool-weather pests, or to learn about our exterminator and pest control services, speak to the pros at Greenside today.


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